New print launched today - "Boomboxes' April 28 2015

The second in our 'Blueprint' series celebrates a time before music became personal, 'Boomboxes' were all about sharing music (if you liked it or not!) and were as important as graffiti during the birth of Hip Hop in the late 70's and early 80's.

Certain models are very collectable like the JVC RC-M90 immortalised by LL Cool J's 1985 album 'Radio' and the Beastie Boys who were often photographed with it. The JVC RC-550 from the late 70's was nicknamed 'El Diablo' by the Latino community and was arguably the first 'monobox' aimed at people to use on the street with it's 10" woofer and carry strap. Another popular model was Radio Raheem's Promax - J1 Super Jumbo from the movie Do the Right Thing, but our favourite D-Cell hungry beast is the giant Sharp GF-777 from 1984 with it's giant 4 inch woofers.

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