Blog: Hot off the press

New print launched today - 'Football Strips A to Z September 17 2014

Partnering our 'Football Legends' print we now have 'Football Strips A to Z', 35 strips from around the world. There are some obscure ones, some don't even have letters as a clue, but the addition of country flags helps to narrow down the choices. For double points you can guess the player as well, we are not saying these are the greatest players from the clubs/teams, they are just some of our favourites.

National strips are depicted as the A to Z cards and International kits are the numbered cards. Designed in the style of 1960's trading cards and as always the answers are on the last card.

New print launched today - 'Football Shirts A to Z' August 21 2014

The beautiful game represented as 34 football club and team shirts from around the world in our new illustrated print. In most cases each shirt is a version of the club or teams greatest season or year, as always this is our opinion (our print, our rules). From Arsenal to Spain with many in between we have picked teams based on their European and World cup success (with a few thrown in because we liked the shirts). The A to Z cards are National sides and the number cards are International teams in order of the World Cups they have won.

Take a look here

New print launched today - 'Chemical Elements A to Z' July 24 2014

The third in our 'Scientific' series, 'Chemical Elements A to Z' is a collection of elements from the Periodic Table presented as an alphanumeric print. We wanted to create the look of a vintage wall chart that may have hung in a school or laboratory.

Each card has it's atomic number and weight in the coloured bar and it's electron configuration under it's chemical symbol.

The number cards are the first eight elements in the Periodic Table.

If you can't guess them all the answers, as always, are on the last card of the set.

New print launched today - 'Space and Spacecraft A to Z' July 16 2014

Presented as a complete set of 36 trading cards, illustrated in a retro style based on 1950's and 60's technical drawings and reference books. We have covered some of the key spacecraft involved in space exploration and objects in our solar system. From Apollo to the Space Shuttle and Mercury to Neptune with many in between.

Take a look

New print launched today - 'The Filth and the Brewery' July 08 2014

'The Filth and the Brewery' is the latest in our Beer Mat collection of prints, 12 of the greatest British early Punk bands immortalised as beer mats from the 60's and 70's!

Following on from our 'Manchester Best' and 'Pride of London' prints we now have a version celebrating the early years of Punk in Britain including 'Golden Brown Ale' from The Stranglers and 'New Rose Stout' from The Damned (a truly dark gothic beer). We know that PiL came a bit later but couldn't resist PiL PiLSNER.X 

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'Skulls A to Z' now available in two new colours October 15 2013

Our 'Skulls A to Z' print is now available in two new colours, 'Vintage Blood' and 'Bruise Blue'.

Take a look at the collection here.

New print launched today 'Skulls A to Z' October 09 2013

Today we have launched the latest print in our Vintage trading card series, Skulls A to Z.

Take a look at it here.

Flag Atlas A to Z print launched today August 31 2013

New print launched today, Flag Atlas A to Z. Following on from last months release, Atlas Maps A to Z, you can now test your knowledge on flags of the world as well as the countries they come from.

Have a look in more detail here

Our 'Trigger Happy' print has been featured on August 19 2013

"good basic shit"......we couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Thanks guys!

New print launched today 'Atlas Maps Countries and Continents A to Z' July 22 2013

We have launched a new print today, 'Atlas Maps Countries and Continents A to Z'

How well do you know your countries, continents and oceans? The latest in our series of  A to Z, Alphanumeric / Alphabet prints, Illustrated and presented as a collectors set of trading cards should help you test your knowledge. Easier when seen in the context of a world map but when each country is isolated, as we have here, it can prove to be a bit tricky. A to Z are countries, 1 to 7 are continents and 7 to 10 are oceans.

Check out the print in more detail here

T shirt for YEUK skate shop July 10 2013

We designed a t-shirt for our favourite skate shop in Henley, YEUK. Great shop and a nice bunch of chaps.

Check them out here

New branding coming soon May 23 2013

So retro it hurts!